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Build a compact Vision inspection and automated system with Axiomtek Fanless Industrial PC

Global pandemic has changed the way of running the manufacturing process. A very obvious scenario is that social distancing can be one of the factor to consider in order to comply to the world regulation in handling the the issue of pandemic. When social distancing is required, the Space become an important aspect during the design any of the placement of machine in the manufacturing process. Hence, a smaller machine can be one of the  consideration, so that it occupied less Space.

Thanks to the Axiomtek fanless Industrial PC system and fully distributed type of IO and motion control solution that able to fulfill such requirement. While maintaining a smaller form factor with less Slots count at the industrial PC, the Real time remote IO and motion solutions is deployed in order to allow the IPC to stay as small. With the Fanless solution with no moving part, the reliability goes up and the noise level is kept to the minimum. Yes, IPC962-525 and IPC964-525 is the great solution to this. Besides, Frame grabber card AX92321 with dedicated chip to handle USB 3.0 camera with top frame rate is maintained. Distributed real time IO such as the motionet solutions with the Master board PISO-MN200, MN-3253 ( motionet 32 Isolated DI module) , MN-3257  ( motionet 32 Isolated DO module) and MN-MP4U ( 4 Axies servo /stepper control module) are best combination of making a reliable compact vision and Automated system.


Arrangement as above in the above picture are as follows:-

  • IPC962-525 2 slots Fanless system up to 65W TDP I3,i5,I7 9th gen processors
  • AX92321 4/8 ports USB 3.0 ( Upd720202 dedicated ports)
  • AX92352 Vision IO –Programmable 4 DI /DO auto trigger + 8 DI /8DO + 2 channels encoder input.
  • Optional <1ms real time remote IO up to 2048 IO with Motion control up 64 Axis.
  • C++ ,VB.net C# and Labview supported.

Motionet Real time remote IO and motion architecture can be further expanded as per the picture below:-



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