About Us

Our Track Records

Since our inception, our firm has been a leading provider of embedded industrial computer systems. We have effectively designed and deployed our platform, garnering significant recognition from esteemed clients across South East Asia. These clients span a diverse range of sectors, including defense, telecommunications, petrochemical, public infrastructure, premier gaming, and manufacturing, among others.

We possess robust expertise in delivering a dependable platform tailored to our clients’ requirements in areas such as industrial computing, network computing, embedded computing, data acquisition, SCADA, telemetry, Industrial IoT, PC-based automation, and RFID.


Our Believes and Our Peoples

At EDEX TECHNOLOGY, we place paramount importance on the continuous training and mentorship of our junior team members. This commitment ensures the seamless transfer of knowledge and expertise from our seasoned professionals. Our dedication to excellence, combined with our emphasis on effective customer service, underpins our consistent achievement of superior customer satisfaction levels.

Our board of directors vigilantly oversees business operations and performance, ensuring that every tier of our organizational structure upholds the highest standards of efficiency and reliability. Our advanced, computerized customer management system further bolsters these efforts, fortifying our customer relations and enhancing service quality.

This website is crafted to offer our esteemed customers an intimate insight into our products and bundled solution offerings. Our primary aim is to present comprehensive solutions tailored for specific industry applications. We believe this platform will be invaluable to System Integration partners and tech-savvy users alike, providing them immediate access to the precise hardware or solutions they require.

Our Partners and Associates

By collaborating with business partners both locally and internationally, our company is positioned to enhance our customer focus and optimize our operational efficiency. Our formidable ties with R&D and manufacturing affiliates empower us to undertake substantial projects and expand our supply network. The future undoubtedly holds significant promise, as each of our partners brings a unique specialization to the table, contributing positively to our business expansion.

Our Mission

Our success hinges on meeting the specific needs and requirements of our customers. Prioritizing exceptional service is crucial in achieving their satisfaction. Collaborating closely with our customers is imperative, for their success directly reflects ours.


Strong know-how

We have more than 25 years of experience in providing industrial pc based systems and solutions. In addition, we have dedicated software engineers to handle the different low levels of industrial computing applications.

Dedicated & committed support

We have dedicated support personnel coupled with well-trained engineers that handle your requirement during pre or post sales support. moreover, we have a dedicated team of engineers who focus in analyzing customer requirements that relate to the customer’s project.


We continue to provide new ideas with reliable and cost-efficient solutions to the market coupled with new technology to simplify the integration work. 


Smart City

We offer industrial IoT gateways  for Smart City 

Smart Manufacturing

We provide full Industrial IoT and AI solutions that serve the Industry 4.0

Cyber Security

We offer reliable network appliances systems and servers