Indusoft Web Studio SCADA & HMI software

InduSoft Web Studio or it is now rebranded to Aveva edge is still distributed EDEX TECHNOLOGY via Aveva’s channel partner program. It  is a comprehensive platform that includes all the tools you’ll need to make SCADA and HMI applications that have real power behind them. The development environment allows you to develop once and deploy anywhere. InduSoft Web Studio supports all Windows runtime platforms (including 32 and 64 bit), ranging
from Windows Embedded Compact, Windows Embedded Standard, Windows 8.1/10 and Windows Server Editions (Server 2012/2016/2019), along with built-in support for local or remote (web) based visualization. InduSoft Web Studio also offers a runtime edition (IoT View) available for Linux and other embedded platforms.
Build powerful graphical displays and take advantage of the 250+ available communication drivers for all major PLC products. InduSoft Web Studio includes OPC UA and OPC Classic (HDA and DA), trends, alarms, reports, recipes and built-in SQL database support as standard features. Not all features supported on all platforms.

Ubuntu Linux +
Windows 10 IoT +


  • Alarming :  Send online alarms or reports using multimedia formats like PDF. Alarms are real-time and historical; log data in binary format or to any database.
    Use remote notification to send alarms right to your inbox, printer, or smartphone. Custom Alarm fields
    allow you to customize up to 10 additional fields to the alarm history.


  • Animation: Take command over graphics in a user-friendly and intuitive interface. Paste images, and even
    rotate dynamically using custom rotation points. Fill bar graphs with color or adjust the scale of objects
    with easy-to-use configuration. Other animations include ‘command’ (for touch, keyboard and mouse
    interaction), hyperlink, text data link, color, resize, transparency, and position


  •  Business intelligence: Transform raw data into meaningful information. Design custom dashboards in
    minutes with the InduSoft Web Studio


  •  Database: Connect to any SQL database (Microsoft SQL, MySQL, Sybase, Oracle), or Microsoft Access or
    Excel, and ERP/MES systems (including SAP), even from Windows Embedded Compact Edition. The flexible
    built-in interface doesn’t require knowledge of SQL. A patented solution allows for communication with SQL
    and relational databases running on any supported platform.
  • Drivers: Use over 250 native communication drivers for PLCs, temperature controllers, motion controllers,
    bar code/2D/RFID readers, and many others such as MQTT (with Sparkplug B) and robots. Use native
    drivers, connect to an OPC server, or use AVEVA driver toolkits even to build your own drivers. Save time with
    comprehensive tag integration.


  • Email: Send email (with attachments) or text messages that can be accessed from mobile devices. Get realtime information on alarms, process values, and other
    events. Full runtime supports SSL encryption.
  • Historian: The trend history is optimized, featuring data decimation designed to load millions of values from
    SQL Relational Databases. Easy to use tools provide quick access to Statistical Process Control (SPC) values
    without any need for programming. InduSoft Web Studio offers add-on integration with the AVEVA

    Historian and support for AVEVAInsight.


  • Multi-touch interface: Develop applications for touch screen devices. InduSoft Web Studio’s multi-touch
    interface allows development for any touch-screen enabled device. Use familiar, modern interface gestures,
    like pinch zooming and panning. Scroll through alarms using swiping gestures; inertia in the multi-touch
    interface offers a comfortable user experience. Rotate graphics, dock screens, and take advantage of features
    like dual-touch command. Swipe gestures to change screens or other commands.


  • NET and ActiveX: Use 3rd party controls to enhance your project. InduSoft Web Studio is a container
    for ActiveX and .NET controls, allowing you to add functionality such as browsers, media players, charting,
    live streaming from cameras, and other ActiveX or .NET
  • OPC: InduSoft Web Studio provides native OPC interfaces, such as OPC UA (Client/Server), OPC DA
    (Client/Server), OPC XML (Client), and OPC HDA (Server). OPC UA and OPC DA also offers native
    redundancy configuration and tag integration for OPC DA and OPC UA Servers


  •  PDF export: Send Alarms, Reports, or any file to a production supervisor, quality manager, or maintenance
    staff using the included PDF writer.


  • Recipes: Save time and maintain consistency by automating part parameters or production quantities
    with flexible recipe management tools. Options including loading directly to PLC or edit before
    committing to PLC


  • Redundancy: For critical applications where data is vital, InduSoft Web Studio supports web server,
    database and overall system redundancy to protect your information


  • Reports: Create clear, concise reports in plain text, RTF, XML, PDF, HTML, and CSV or integrate with Microsoft
    04 AVEVA InduSoft Web Studio Office programs such as Excel. Get the data you need,
    in the format you need it, to make informed decisions, fast. AVEVA has also partnered with Ocean Data
    Systems to offer further reporting capabilities through Dream Report *.


  • Scalable: Use the same development environment to design and deploy projects to a wide range of
    platforms, such as Linux, Windows Embedded Standard, Windows Embedded Compact, Windows
    8., Windows 10, Server 2012, Server 2016 and Server 2019 editions. See Tech Ref for details.


  • Scheduler: Schedule application behavior triggered by tag changes, date/time, frequency, or any trigger.
    Use this for simulation, to trigger reports or other functionality at a particular time of day, or even to
    trigger driver worksheets to read/write at a scan rate you choose.


  • Scripting: Three powerful scripting languages are supported; built-in AVEVA functions, Industrial
    Graphics Quick Script and standard VBScript. Take advantage of widely available resources for VBScript.
    The scripting languages can be used simultaneously to give you the functionality you need, even from thin
    clients. Script debugging tools for the native VBScript editor include breakpoints, and a variable watch list to
    improve scripting productivity


  • Security: InduSoft Web Studio includes support for group and user accounts, e-signatures, and traceability.
    Integrate your project to the Active Directory (Users and Groups).


  • Standards: Use common standards to develop applications that are compatible with TCP/ IP, .NET,
    ActiveX, OPC (client and server), ADO/ODBC, COM/ DCOM, OLE, DDE, XML, SOAP, and HTML5


  • Symbols: The included libraries feature push buttons, pilot lights, tanks, sliders, meters, motors, pipes, valves
    and other common objects. Use the 1,000+ included symbols in your project, modify existing symbols to suit
    your needs, or create your own from scratch. InduSoft Web Studio supports 3rd party symbol libraries and
    graphic tools.


  • Tag database: InduSoft Web Studio features an objectoriented database with boolean, integer, real, strings,
    arrays, classes (structures), indirect tags and included system tags. Built-in functions allow you to create,
    delete, or modify the tags database settings during the runtime. This feature increases the flexibility to design
    generic templates that can be easily customized to each project, even during the runtime. InduSoft Web Studio
    also offers tag integration from a wide range of PLCs, including Schneider Electric


  • Trends: Real-time and Historical trends, and SPC functionality are supported. Log data in binary format,
    or to any local or remote SQL database and optionally to AVEVA Historian*. Color or fill trends with graphic
    elements to enhance clarity of data. Date/Time based or numeric (X/Y plot) trends give you the flexibility to
    display information that best suits your application. InduSoft Web Studio supports vertical and horizontal


  • Troubleshooting: Quickly debug and verify a project using local and remote tools for troubleshooting,
    including status fields, HTML5 based Watch Window for IoT View, Watch Window and LogWin. Capture
    screen open and close times, see communications in real-time, messages related to OPC, recipes/reports,
    security, database errors and even custom messages. Finish your project quickly using these powerful tools

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