FR-2053iT isolated FRnet IO Module with 16-channel Isolated DI

The FR-2053T/HT/TA/HTA/iT/iTA series I/O module has an FRnet interface. The users can daisy chain several FR-2053T/HT/TA/HTA/iT/
iTA modules together. Via FRnet, the FR-2053T/HT/TA/HTA/iT/iTA modules can extend the remote I/O control of PC, PAC and PLC easily.
Further information about the networking of FR-2053T/HT/TA/HTA/iT/iTA; refer to literature related to I-8172W, FRB-100U/200U. According
to diff erent applications, the users can choose suitable modules.
The FR-2053T/FR-2053HT has 16-channel isolated photo coupler input.
The FR-2053TA/FR-2053HTA has 16-channel isolated Sink/Source input.
The FR-2053iT/FR-2053iTA has 16-channel isolated Sink/Source input.


• Built-in Wire-saving FRnet DI/DO control
• Simple synchronization mechanism
• No software overhead on protocol processing
• Supporting broadcasting (1:n data transmission)
• Duplicating output easily
• Fixed I/O scan-time and I/O synchronization
• DIN-Rail mountable

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