AX92350 Real-Time Vision IO card

PC based machine vision inspection machine solution require efficient IO board to execute real time operation when the vision inspection is being performed on the object under inspection. In semiconductor machine building, vision inspection play a big role in achieving high throughput and main good quality and productivity in the products produced. major machine built in this are are automated test handler machine, laser marking machine, Automated tape an reel machine, Test and handler vision inspection machine etc.

The AX92350 integrates various I/O features for machine vision applications, including trigger input and output with microsecond-scale real-time control, an auto measurement
timer, as well as LED lighting control with dimming support. It also provides an encoder input function suited for conveyor applications in factory automation. The AX92350
can fit in the PCI Express slot of any vision control system to simplify deployment and maintenance of your machine vision platform.


● Integrated vision I/O
– 4-CH trigger input
– 4-CH or 8-CH trigger output
– 4-CH LED lighting control (LED trigger output channels are
defined by software settings)
– 1-CH quadrature encoder input
– 8-CH isolated DI, 8 CH isolated DO
– 1-CH auto measurement function
● Programmable interrupt functions
● PCI Express x1 compliant

● Flexible design for vision inspection

● Microsoft windows 7 / 10 driver supported

● SDK / Sample codes for software programming like C#,C/C++,Visual Basic ( Labview optional) supported


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