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Adisra SCADA software Ver 4.1 released

Adisra v4.1 released
Adisra SCADA Version 4.1 released

Adisra Unveils SmartView SCADA and HMI Software Version 4.1
Adisra has officially released version 4.1 of its Adisra SmartView SCADA and HMI software. This latest update introduces a range of new features and improvements aimed at enhancing user experience and expanding functionality across various industrial applications.

Key New Features in Adisra SmartView 4.1

Adisra SmartView Launcher: The new Adisra SmartView Launcher serves as a central hub, providing quick access to different software modules and essential resources such as support information, documentation, and knowledge base articles. Users can effortlessly create or open projects from a recently used project list through a user-friendly menu.


Adisra SCADA V4.1 Linux compatible

Adisra SCADA V4.1 Linux compatible

Linux Compatibility: Version 4.1 extends support to various Linux distributions, allowing applications to run with most functionalities available in a Windows environment. This broadened compatibility enables integration with different Linux-based hardware, enhancing communication with various PLCs and databases while facilitating data analysis and decision-making processes.

Adisra SCADA Featuring IIOT EDGE Integration

IIOT edge

Edge Computing and IoT Integration: The software now supports edge computing systems in industrial settings. Linux-based edge devices can efficiently process data from sensors, actuators, and programmable logic controllers (PLCs), enhancing real-time decision-making, operational efficiency, and safety. This capability is particularly beneficial for distributed IoT applications, such as smart city infrastructure, renewable energy monitoring, and oil and gas operations.

Adisra SCADA V4.1 is now Rule based capable

Adisra SCADA rule based capable

Rule-Based System: The new rule-based system module introduces forward chaining reasoning, allowing for intelligent decision-making based on predefined rules and facts. This system can automate tasks such as controlling valve flow, adjusting values based on conditions, and integrating real-time data from HMIs to improve operational efficiency.

The diagram shows how the engineering development environment through the the remote management tool working with the remote Target system that run on Linux. 

The bottom viewer shows how the Linux server is able to share the view over Web and local viewer.  

Adisra date time picker object
Adisra rule based menu

This system can automate tasks such as controlling valve flow, adjusting values based on conditions, and integrating real-time data from HMIs to improve operational efficiency.

Usability Enhancements:
DateTimePicker Object: A new advanced object that simplifies date and time selection, providing a user-friendly interface for setting and displaying date and time.
• Data Grid Object: Upgrades include customizable column alignments, word wrap on headers and content, and multi-selection capabilities during execution.
• Text Box Enhancements: Input validation for numeric values ensures data integrity by preventing incorrect inputs and providing error messages when values fall outside predefined ranges.

Improved Development Environment: The development environment features a contemporary ribbon-based Windows interface, offering seamless access to graphics, alarms, trends, recipes, reports, scripting, and more. This cohesive environment streamlines project development and integrates all development modules into a unified application for distribution to various clients, including local, web, and mobile viewers.

Redundancy and Licensing:
Redundancy Tab: Provides comprehensive system redundancy information for critical applications where data integrity is essential.

• Licensing Tab: Simplifies license management with options for hard-key and soft-key licensing, including tools for generating site codes and validating licenses.
Remote Management Tools: Windows users can utilize remote management tools to connect to Linux machines, transfer applications, manage licenses, and debug remotely, enhancing the software’s versatility in industrial environments.

Adisra SmartView 4.1 delivers a robust suite of features and improvements designed to optimize performance and expand deployment options in industrial applications. The integration of Linux compatibility, advanced rule-based systems, and enhanced usability features make this update a significant milestone for Adisra’s SCADA and HMI software.

For more detailed information and to see the new features in action, please watch the demo video. If you have any questions or need support, our team is always here to assist you.

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