MN-3257 32 channels motionnet isolated Digital output module

PC based motion control solution is one of the dominant component in building semiconductor related machine, namely Automated test handler machine, laser marking machine, Automated tape an reel machine, Test and handler vision inspection machine etc.

The MN-3257(T) is an I/O expansion device for Motionnet systems, and is equipped with 32 isolated digital output channels. Each
Motionnet communication line can be connected to up to 64 modules, meaning that the I/O can be expanded to 2048 output channels.
The communication time required by each MN-325x is 15.1 us. If 64 modules have been connected, signals for 2048 points on 64 modules
can be sent and received within 0.97 msec. The update of the I/O status is completed automatically through the Motionnet system at a
constant interval, and setting interrupts for specifi c input points that the customer wants to monitor can help prevent CPU time from being
wasted by repetitive polling when there is nothing else for the issuing process to do. The internal fl ywheel diodes of each output port can
be individually connected to diff erent sources of power (each port is comprised of 8 I/O signals).

 Maximum communication speed: 20 Mbps
 32-ch isolated digital outputs
 Each Motionnet transfer Line: connect modules up to 64
 Designing isolation protection: power, communication, I/O
 LED Diagnostics for communication and I/O status
 The internal flywheel diode of each output ports can be
connect to different sources of power individually.
 High current sinking capability (200 mA)

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