DN8368-GB 4 Axis motion card General purpose daugther-board

PC based motion control solution is one of the dominant component in building semiconductor related machine, namely Automated test handler machine, laser marking machine, Automated tape an reel machine, Test and handler vision inspection machine etc.

The DN-8368 series is a daughter-board that is designed for ICP DAS’s 6-axis motion controllers, such as PISO-PS600, PISO-VS600 and PMDK. Each DN-8368xB supports 3-axis and two DN-8368xB are required to support 6-axis. The DN-8368GB is designed for general purpose usage while the DN-8368MB is designed to be easily connected with Mitsubishi MINAS-J2S series servo amplifier. It is not only a screw terminal board for easy connection of signals; it also provides on-board isolating circuitry to protect the controllers. Interface signals are divided into three groups. Each group corresponds to a single axis and contains the necessary pulse output command lines, encoder feedback lines, mechanical switch inputs (Home, near home, limit -switches) and some servo input/output interfaces (Srv_On, ERC, ALM_RST, RDY, Alarm, INP). Terminal connectors are used for easy wiring purpose. Users can interchange connectors to interchange each axial definition without laborious rewiring. This board also contains on-board power module which provides different voltages for other on-board circuitry.

As the low CPU loading requirements of the PS400 series is minimal, one or more motion cards can be used with a single IPC. ICP DAS also provides a variety of functions and examples that can be used to reduce the need for additional programming, making it a highly cost-effective solution for motion control application developers.

High Speed Photo-coupling Isolated.
Supporting Pulse Command Type Step Motors or Servo Motors.
Providing Power LED and Other Status LEDs (Home, Limit Switches, …)

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